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Apple IPM

Updated 7 February 2023

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  • Tree Fruit Pests of the Month!
  • Current pheromone trap data for selected pome fruit pests
  • Degree-day use and interpretation for growers
  • Degree-day targets for CM, OFM and TBM

  • Information on an apple maggot export protocol

  • An illustrated diagnostic key to tree fruit diseases (West Virginia University)

  • Biological and monitoring information for apple diseases:
  • The Orchard Monitor, a biweekly newsletter on fruit IPM from West Virginia University

  • En español: El Manual de Monitoreo de Plagas, Enemigos Naturales y Enfermidades del Manzano, Peral y Cerezo: Una Guia Ilustrada para el estado de Washington (Orchard Monitoring Manual for Pests, Natural Enemies and Diseases of Apple, Pear and Cherry: An Illustrated Guide for Washington State)

    Biological Control

    Chemical Control