PCfreshdamage.jpgInsect Pest Management
ENT 4254

(Spring 2014: CRN 13368 with Monday lab; CRN 13367 with Wednesday lab)

Department of Entomology
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA 24061-0319

Updated 18 December 2013

Instructor: Douglas G. Pfeiffer

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Principles of insect pest management with primary application to the major arthropod pests found in Virginia. Pest management involves the use of ecologically and economically efficient methods to prevent or reduce pest injury to acceptable levels.

PREREQUISITES: Two semesters of general biology.

OBJECTIVES: To introduce each student to the principles of integrated pest management (IPM), to the various techniques used in solving entomological pest management problems, and to provide information on the major arthropod pests in Virginia, and to allow students to explore pest management issues specific to an area or commodity of their choosing.

TEACHING FORMAT:  Lectures will be presented by Dr. Pfeiffer or by others who are knowledgeable in a specific area.  You should read the assignment before lecture and have questions ready.  Labs will be supervised by the teaching assistant and will complement the lectures by allowing you to study examples and specimens.  Be sure to complete your lab assignments before you leave the class.  Dr. Pfeiffer will be present during most labs to assist in answering questions. You are encouraged to ask questions during both lecture and lab.

(2H, 3L, 3C)   Spring, each year.

Important pests.