The Role of Pesticides in IPM

Dr. Douglas G. Pfeiffer, 205C Price Hall,

A lecture for the course, Pesticide Usage, ENT 4264, Dr. Michael Weaver

Pesticides in the news!

Los Angeles Times Article, printed by Roanoke Times 30 Mar 2012

"Pesticides suspected in mass die-offs of bees"

"State probe of Portland bee deaths finds ... banned chemical" 24 July 2015
    Is this CCD?
    Banned chemical?

"Mosquito control efforts in South Carolina kill millions of bees" Sep 16, 2016

Role for IGR in microcephaly? 15 Feb 2016

I. Introduction to IPM

II. Pest classification and effect on economic injury level

III. Predator/pesticide compatibility

IV. Environmental impacts of IPM

V. History of Pesticide Use and Impact on IPM (Pesticide Classes)

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Updated 28 February 2017