2017 Spray Guide for Home Fruit

Disease and Insect Management Section

prepared by K. S. Yoder, D.G. Pfeiffer, J. C. Bergh and Mizuho Nita, Virginia Tech

For mixing small volumes and General Purpose Mix, see Table

Disclaimer and Pesticide Warning - Please Read

Apples and Pears Pears
Stone Fruits Grapes Caneberries Strawberries Blueberries
Dormant Dormant to green tip
Dormant Dormant Delayed Dormant Blossom buds visible in crown Dormant
Delayed Dormant Green cluster bud
Pink Bud Swell New Cane Pre-Bloom Delayed Dormant
Pre-Pink Pre-pink
Blossom New Shoot Pre-Bloom Bloom Bud break til blossoms open
Pink Pink
Petal Fall - 5th Cover Pre-Bloom Post-Bloom Post-Bloom Leaf bud break til petal fall
Bloom Bloom
Preharvest Post-Bloom Postharvest   When 3/4 buds have fallen
Petal Fall - 2nd Cover Petal fall - 2nd cover
After-Harvest Pea-size spray     Postbloom
3rd-5th covers 3rd-5th covers
Peachtree borer sprays Berries touch in cluster     Postharvest
6th-7th covers 6th-7th covers
  Late covers      
  Grape root borer      
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