Mating Disruption and Other Low Impact Alternative Approaches

Dr. Douglas G. Pfeiffer, 205C Price Hall,

A lecture for the course, Pesticide Usage, ENT 4264, Dr. Michael J. Weaver

I. General

II. Mating Disruption in Peach III. Mating Disruption in Apple IV. Mating Disruption in Grape


V. Mating Disruption and Gypsy Moth
A. Use and limitations

B.  Role in Slowing the Spread:

VI. Mating disruption in cabbage

A. Diamondback moth sprayable. (Status?)

B.  DBM and cabbage looper from same dispenser?

VII. Mating disruption in stored products
A. Indianmeal moth
0.1-1.0 mating pair / m2 of wall, good results
1.0 mating pair / m2 of wall, poor results
VIII. Formulations IX. Environmental Impacts of Mating Disruption Programs  X. Similar programs - Insect Growth Regulators and other selective insecticides XI. EQIP program for apple and peach orchards
XII. References:
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Updated 25 February 2019