Codling Moth Cydia pomonella (L.) in Pear

I. Introduction: In addition to apple, the CM is a major direct pest of pear in the mid-Atlantic area. Its history, description and biology are found in more detail in the section of direct pests of apple. Only information specific to the CM attacking pear is given here.

II. Injury: The larval damage inflicted to the pear fruit is similar to that on apples, with the exception that the exit holes often exude a syrupy material as the fruit approaches maturity. Also, mortality resulting from the inability of the young larvae to enter the fruit is much greater on pears than on apples and more variable among pear cultivars. The cultivar `D'Anjou' is the least susceptible to codling moth damage, followed by `Comice', `Bosc', and finally `Bartlett'. Differences in host susceptibility are due to the formation of stone cells below the epidermal layer, which impede the movement of young larvae into the fruit.

III. Monitoring: Fruits should be examined between mid-June and early July for evidence of larval entry. Examine 25-50 fruits per tree on 5 trees per block. Growers wishing to time sprays based on egg development and hatch should make an application of an insecticide at 250 (base 50�F) after the first sustained capture of males in the sex pheromone traps. A second application can be applied 14-21 days following the initial application if needed.

Place pheromone traps for CM in the block at the bloom stage, located on the outside of the tree and 6-7 ft (1.8-2.1 m) above the ground. One trap per 5 acres (2 hectares) is recommended. For orchards over 5 acres (2 hectares) in size a minimum of 5 pheromone traps is recommended, one on each of the four sides and one in the middle. Traps should be checked daily until the first adult is caught and then weekly thereafter.

Growers wishing to use an alternative method to routine insecticide applications but without use of temperature-based models may use an action threshold of 5 moths per trap per week. If this threshold is exceeded, an insecticide application should be made within 7-10 days. Repeat applications should only be made if the moths exceed this threshold 14 days after the insecticide application.

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