Genus Selenophorus

Small, oblong or oval, subconvex; labial palpi with next to last segment bearing several setae, longer than the last segment; scutellar stria rather long and distinct; elytral intervals each with three dorsal series of setigerous punctures; portibia not fossorial, outer apical angle not prolonged; first metatarsal segment as long as three following combined.

Selenophorus opalinus LeConte

Oblong-oval, robust; black, iridescent; antennae and legs yellowish brown. Pronotum transverse; base as wide as apex; sides slightly arcuate, margins flattened and translucent; basal impressions broad, rather feeble, coarsely punctate; base of disk finely and sparsely punctate. Elytra deeply striate; intervals convex, very minutely and sparsely punctate. Length 9 - 10 mm. This species is frequently found beneath bark.