Genus Platynus

Of small or medium size, elongate-oval, subconvex; antennae long and slender, pubescent from fourth segment; pronotum widened at or anterior to middle, narrowed toward base and apex, apical angles acute or well defined, two setigerous punctures each side; elytra much wider than pronotum, punctate, eighth stria distant from margin and not deeply impressed; legs more or less long and slender; metacoxae contiguous; claws simple.

a. Platynus cincticollis

Elongate-oval, slender, subdepressed; piceous. Pronotum constricted at base and apex, more distinctly so at base; margins laterally strongly reflexed; posterior angles obtuse; median impressed line distinct; basal impressions deep, not punctate. Elytra deeply striate, impunctate; intervals basally flat. Length 9.5 - 11 mm.