Grape curculio, Craponius inaequalis (Say)

This species is a small, black weevil about 2.5 mm long. Unlike the two weevil pests discussed earlier, grape curculios feed directly on the grape berries. Adults overwinter in sheltered places and become active about the time of Concord grape bloom. Feeding by the adults on leaves results in small groups of short, curved lines. After about two weeks, oviposition begins. The female chews a cavity beneath the skin of the grape and places an egg inside. The egg hatches in about six days, and the larva, a legless grub, feeds on the flesh and seeds. After about three weeks, the larva drops to the ground and pupates. New adults emerge 3-4 weeks later. These feed on foliage for the rest of the summer and hibernate when winter comes.

This is taken primarily from an extension bulletin by D. G. Pfeiffer & P. B. Schultz, entitled "Major Insect and Mite Pests of Grape in Virginia" (Va. Coop. Ext. Serv. 444-567 (1986))

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