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To: Grape Growers
From: Doug Pfeiffer, Fruit Entomologist
Date sent: April 28, 2000

Guthion label changes: There have recently been some label changes associated with FQPA. While most changes affect growers in the western states more than in the east, there are some important changes in reentry restrictions of which our growers should be aware. The restricted entry interval has be lengthened substantially, to 21 days for grape for high-contact activities. This is more restrictive than the change in most other settings. For example the REI for apple has been increased to 14 days for high-contact activities such as hand-thinning, while remaining at 48 hours for lower contact activities, such as scouting.

This may affect your choice of materials for the season.

Take care, Doug

Douglas G. Pfeiffer
Department of Entomology
205C Price Hall
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg VA 24061
ph: (540) 231-4183
fax (540) 231-9131