Tribe Dryptini

*Note: Only one genus within the Tribe Dryptini is found in Virginia orchards.

Genus Galeritula

Of medium size, rather slender, subconvex; head elongate, strongly constricted at base; mandibles without fixed seta in scrobe; labrum wider than apex of clypeus; first antennal segment elongate; pronotum with lateral margin flattened, narrow but distinct; elytra broadly, obliquely truncate at apex; procoxal cavities with two openings inwardly; mesocoxal cavities entirely closed by sterna. The members of this genus are often attracted to light and live beneath stones and leaves in open woods.

Galeritula bicolor Drury

Elongate-oval, subconvex; black, desely clothed with pale-yellowish hairs; legs, palpi, pronotum, and base of antennae reddish brown; elytra blue-black. Pronotum strongly elongate; side margins feeble reflexed at the slightly produced posterior angles; disk finely, rugosely punctate. Elytral striae fine, impunctate; intervals flat, finely, transversely rugose. Length 17 - 21 mm.