2015 Use Statistics for Virginia Fruit Page

Altogether there were 70,308 page views to pages within this web site in 2015.

Of the fruit crops represented in the Virginia Fruit Page the
Grape home and IPM pages received the most use (3,927 page views), followed by the Apple home and IPM page(2,268 views), the Small Fruit home and IPM pages (1,150 page views), the  Peach home and IPM page (1,020 page views), and the Pear home and IPM pages (309 page views).

The dozen leading pest species across fruit crops whose pages were visited were (in decreasing order) invasive drosophilids (spotted wing drosophila 84%, African fig fly 16%), stink bugs (mainly brown marmorated stink bug), Japanese beetle, thrips, strawberry weevil, tarnished plant bug, codling moth, grape berry moth,  green June beetle, cyclamen mite, European red mite, and oriental fruit mothy,

The site continues to be used by both commercial and home fruit producers, reflected by use statistics for pages based on Virginia Tech pest management recommendations. There were 10,070 page views associated with the Spray Bulletin for Commercial Tree Fruit Growers (55% Apple, 23% Peach and Nectarine, 9% Cherry, 7% Pear, 6% Plum), 350 page views to pages associated with the Spray Guide for Commercial Vineyards, 1,193 page views to pages associated with the Spray Guide for Commercial Small Fruit (42% Blueberry, 34% Strawberry, 24% Caneberry), and 5,951 page views to pages associated with the Spray Guide for Home Fruit (44% Apple and Pear, 10% Grape, 27% Stone Fruit, 5% Strawberry, 6% Blueberry, 2% Caneberry). (In the VCE website, the PDF version of the commercial tree fruit guide received 3,940 visits, the commercial vineyard site received 1,303 visits, the commercial small fruit guide received 573 visits, and the home fruit guide received 1,297 visits).  A new PMG chapter, on commercial hop production, received 630 visits in 2015.

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