Recommended Protectant Pesticides for Home Use

Amounts of Pesticide to Use in Different Amounts of Water1

prepared by K. S. Yoder and D.G. Pfeiffer, Virginia Tech

Disclaimer and Pesticide Warning - Please Read

Pesticide 1 gal 5 gal 10 gal 25 gal 50 gal
Captan 50% Wettable Powder 2.0 tbsp 1.6 oz 3.2 oz 0.5 lb 1.0 lb
Malathion 50% Emulsifiable Concentrate 2.0 tsp 1.6 fl oz 3.2 fl oz 8.0 fl oz 1.0 pt

Pesticide 1 gal 5 gal 10 gal 25 gal 50 gal
Ferbam 76% Wettable Powder2 1.5 tbsp 1.2 oz 2.4 oz 6.0 oz 12 oz
Sevin 50% Wettable Powder3 2.0 tbsp 1.6 oz 3.2 oz 8.0 oz 1.0 lb
3336 50% Wettable Powder4 2.5-3.5 tsp 4-6 tbsp 1.2-1.6 oz 3-4 oz 6-8 oz
Sulfur 95% Wettable Powder5 1.0 tbsp 5.0 tbsp 1.6 oz 4.0 oz 8.0 oz
Immunox 1.55%8 1.0 tbsp 2.5 fl oz 5.0 fl oz 12.5 fl oz 25.0 fl oz
M-Pede 49% liquid
2.5 fl oz
13 fl oz 26 fl oz 0.5 gal
1.0 gal
1 A teaspoonful (tsp) or a tablespoonful (tbsp) in this publication refers to a level measuring teaspoon or tablespoon. Do not exceed the label rate for any material on any crop.

2 Ferbam provides good control of black rot of grapes. It should be added to the general purpose mixture for cedar and quince rust control of apple (early pink to June 10), ferbam should be used on peaches and nectarines during the dormant stage (November or early March) for peach leaf curl control.

3 Sevin can be substituted for methoxychlor beginning in early June if Japanese beetles become a problem (minor foliar feeding is acceptable). Do not use before this period since it will thin some varieties of apples.

4 Systemic fungicide 3336 50% WP is available as Dragon Systemic Fungicide 3336 WP and Cleary's 3336 WP for use on backyard (non-commercial) fruit trees such as apple, apricot, cherry, nectarine, peach, plum and prune trees. This fungicide replaces Benlate which is no longer registered for use in home plantings. Do not apply 3336 WP within 24 hours of harvest.

5 Sulfur can be added to the GPM for powdery mildew control on apple. It is sold in concentrations of 52-95%.

6 If mites become a problem on apple, peach or grape, use two spryas of Kelthane at 7 day intervals.

7 Imidan may be used as a general purpose insecticide but will not replace Sevin (3) for Japanese beetle control, Kelthane (6) for mite control or malathion for aphid control.

8 Immunox may be used to supplement captan in the GPM for rust and mildew management in apples and for peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots, plums, prunes and grapes. See PMG 456-018 for disease control spectrum and usage restrictions for each crop.

9 Pyrellin may be used up to the day before harvest; re-entry period is when leaves are dry. Young caterpillars (e.g. leafrollers), mites, and sucking insects are controlled by this material. Residual life is very short.

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