2017 Spray Guide for Commercial Vineyards

Disease and Insect Management Section

prepared by D.G. Pfeiffer, A. B. Baudoin, Virginia Tech (Blacksburg), Chris Bergh and Mizuho Nita, Virginia Tech (Winchester)

Disclaimer and Pesticide Warning - Please Read

Vineyard spray volumes:The rate per acre column gives rates for low-volume or concentrate applications.  Applications may be applied as semiconcentrate (40-100 gal/A) or concentrate (10-40 gal/A) sprays.  Use caution with more concentrated sprays; the smaller droplet sizes associated with low-volume applications are more prone to drift. The amount of pesticide to be applied for dilute applications (usually 100 gal/A in early season, 200 gal/A in mid-season, and 300 gal/A in late sesason) is usually given on the pesticide label.

Bud Swell
New Shoots
First cover
Second cover
Third cover
Fourth cover
Harvest (BMSB)
Post Harvest
Special Borer Spray
Special Sharpshooter Sprays
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