Insect Chemical and Formulation Rate Remarks
Grape root borer (GRB) Isomate-GRB
Lorsban 4E
100 dispensers/A
4.5 pt/100 gal
Good weed control usually prevents GRB populations
from reaching high levels. In problem
infestations, consider soil mounding,
8-12 inches high, around July 1. Pull down mound before following season. Also consider
soil treatment with Lorsban. If GRB is a problem, apply in mid-late July, close to peak egglaying
and hatch, but not within 35 days before harvest. Apply 2.0 qt of diluted spray mixture (4.5 pt/100gal) to soil surface on a 15 ft sq area
around base of each vine. No more than once/ season. Do not allow to contact fruit or foliage.

A mating disruption product, Isomate GRB, is now registered.  The label is available (Great Lakes IPM), as is the SDS (Pacific Biocontrol).  Apply pheromone dispenser at 100/A, at the beginning of flight, around the first of July.

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