Effectiveness rating: E = excellent, G = good, F = fair

Disease Effectiveness Suggested Chemicals 100 Gal Dilute Acre Concentrate
Leaf spot E = 1, 2, 8
1. Syllit 3.4F
8 fl oz 1.5 pt
   G = 4, 5, 6, 9, 10
2. Bravo 720 (or equivalent a.i. of other formulation) 1-1.2 pt 3.1-5.5 pt

4. Indar 2F
0.8-2 fl oz
6 fl oz

5. Rally 40WSP
2-4 oz
2.5-6 oz

6.  Rubigan 1E
3.5-4.8 oz
6-12 oz

8. Pristine 38WDG
3.3-5.3 oz
10.5-14.5 oz

9. Procure 50WS
2.6 oz
10-16 oz

10. Elite 45WP
8 oz

1 Apply postharvest sprays as needed to prevent defoliation from leaf spot. Heavy, early defoliation increases susceptibility to winter injury. In wet years, continue to control leaf spot up to 3 weeks after harvest with at least one or two sprays during the postharvest period. Seven-day intervals may be needed when conditions are wet. Ten-day intervals are satisfactory when the weather is less favorable. To manage leaf spot when lesions are visible and where defoliation may be severe, tank mix an SI material at the full rate + captan at the full rate and apply twice postharvest at 7-day intervals then make a third application of Pristine 7 to 10 days later.

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