Time of Application Material/gal water Suggested To Control Remarks
Post-bloom until harvest, at 10-14 day intervals 1.3 tbsp Immunox
1.5 tsp malathion 57EC
2 tsp Sevin 50W
Anthracnose, spur blight, fruit rot, spotted wing drosophila, thrips, strawberry weevil, blackberry psyllid, Japanese beetle Malathion is necessary if sap beetle appears as fruit begins to color. Observe 7-day preharvest interval for Sevin. Do not apply Immunox more than four times. Caneberries are at great risk from spotted wing drosophila during the ripening period. Spray at least weekly, alternating any over the counter pyrethroid insecticide (bifenthrin, zeta cypermethrin) with malathion, observing maximum number of applications per season, and days-to-harvest.

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