Effectiveness rating: E = excellent, G = good, F = fair

Disease Effectiveness Suggested Chemicals 100 gal Dilute Acre Concentrate
Fire blight G = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
1. 1Various copper formulations:  See label
 See label
    2. C-0-C-S 50WDG 2-4 lb __
    3. Kocide DF 2-4 lb __

4. Cuprofix Ultra 40
5.0-7.55 lb
    5. Bordeaux mixture (copper sulfate + agricultural spray lime) 325 Mesh2 8 lb + 8 lb __

1 Suggested where fireblight was difficult to control previous year or on young blocks of susceptible cultivars such as York Imperial, Jonathan, Rome Beauty, Idared, Gala, and crabapple pollinizers and orchards planted on M.9, M.26 and Mark rootstock. Other coppers may also be suitable and may be easier to handle than Bordeaux mixture. DO NOT APPLY COPPER AFTER FOLIAGE APPEARS BECAUSE OF POTENTIAL FOR RUSSETING. Where there is less economic risk due to russeting as in fruit grown for processing, copper sprays applied from silver tip to half-inch green will protect against an early scab infection period.

2 Particles larger than those produced by 325 mesh will clog and damage sprayer pump. See p. 14 for mixing instructions.

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