Central Virginia Fruit School - February 11, 2015

The Nelson Center

8445 Thomas Nelson Highway

Lovingston, Virginia

Contact: Michael Lachance (434) 263-4035



Please note: Change in time to a late afternoon - evening format.  Event location remains the same as in past years.  A catered supper will be provided courtesy of our sponsors.

4:30 p.m.                     Registration opens


5:00 pm                       Introductory remarks about Extension Tree Fruit Outreach, Pesticide Regulatory Update and Pesticide Safety Issues - Michael Lachance, VCE Extension agent

Tall spindle orchard systems in Virginia  - Dr. Gregory Peck, VCE Pomologist

Opportunities and resources for hard cider production -
Dr. Gregory Peck, VCE Pomologist

Summer disease and Glomerella leaf spot management update - Dr. Keith Yoder, VCE Plant Pathologist


Spray bulletin update - Specialists


Neonicotinoid insecticides and pollinators: Can impacts be mitigated? - Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer, VCE Entomologist

Invasive species update: Spotted wing drosophila and spotted lanternfly -
Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer, VCE Entomologist

Brown marmorated stink bug research update for 2015 -
Dr. Chris Bergh, VCE Entomologist