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Funded by:
The United States Agency for International Development


 The IPM CRSP is a USAID-supported research, education/training, and information exchange collaborative partnership among US and developing country institutions.  It focuses on participatory and collaborative IPM research and education programs for horticultural export crops and other food production systems.  In the first five year phase, IPM was applied by the CRSP in Guatemala, Jamaica, Mali, Philippines, and Uganda, in a highly proactive and participatory way to foster development and adoption of IPM practices. Practical IPM  approaches have been developed to manage a variety of arthropod, disease, weed, and nematode pests.  Twenty five graduate students received long-term training. Among the partner US institutions are: Univ. of Georgia, Lincoln, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Montana State, USDA, and Virginia Tech. In the second five year phase, Albania, Bangladesh, and Ecuador were added as primary host country sites of the CRSP. Partner U.S. institutions are Virginia Tech, Penn State and University of California. The lead and the Management Entity institution of the IPM CRSP is Virginia Tech; the Site Chair for Albania is located at Virginia Tech.

Olive is major crop in Albania, a source of food and oil. Pest management on this crop has been totally disrupted with the collapse of a centralized economy. The purpose of the CRSP effort in Albania is to develop IPM tactics suitable for this region. Sources of information within this site:

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